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Sample ReadyLive applications

1. ReadyLive as a cost-effective giveaway

Offering ReadyLive as a giveaway represents a cost-effective way to provide your prospects and customers with a tool they will value and use. Since your visitors come to your site because they are interested in your offerings, you can use your expertise and knowledge about the product/service category you offer to transform them into a very captive audience who depends on the content they receive via ReadyLive to make decisions, learn more on particular topics or simply do their jobs.

The file size of a ReadyLive client application is small. So small in fact that it can easily be distributed via the Internet or standard diskettes. Therefore, you can prepare diskettes for distribution at trade shows, make your ReadyLive application available for download on your web site, or include it as part of your demo CDs. No matter what type of promotional vehicle you use to deliver your message, ReadyLive will enhance your programs.

The impact of this giveaway will be far greater than all the pens, gadgets, and T-shirts you can distribute. ReadyLive does far more than just provide a web address or phone number as it consistently delivers content that puts your company a step ahead of the competition. Product news, company announcements, special offers, demo versions, and more can be shared easily via the Internet. And because they are no limits to the number of applications you can distribute, it is far more cost-effective than specialty advertising. You can distribute the same application over and over, knowing that the content is always up-to-date.



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