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5. ReadyLive, ecommerce on a new level

The World Wide Web is fast becoming a very competitive marketplace. Companies striving to get an edge can remain a step ahead of the competition by enhancing online revenues through the use of push technology.

ReadyLive opens a new web-based communications channel that takes ecommerce to a new level by allowing companies to automatically deliver information while displaying secure ecommerce-enabled forms to take orders directly through the user's screen saver. ReadyLive offers the convenience and security consumers and businesses look for when buying online.

This cutting-edge solution provides e-businesses with a cost-effective way to turn customers into loyal customers. Every time they use their computers, your customers can be informed of product announcements, encouraged to see a product demo, or reminded of special offers even when they do not visit your web site. The best part is that you can take their orders directly through ReadyLive screens.

ReadyLive is compatible with the majority of shopping carts and can be easily integrated with your web site to generate a constant flow of high-quality traffic. By increasing repeat visits to your site, you will be able to increase the amount of revenue generated by each customer. Don't wait for your customers to come to your ecommerce strore front, with ReadyLive you can bring the store to them.



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