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2. ReadyLive, the ideal solution for content providers

Content providers, such as magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations, are well positioned to make the most out of ReadyLive because their offering is perfectly suited for push programs. With ReadyLive, content providers can take full advantage of this new web-based communications channel to reach their audience and drive traffic to their sites while increasing advertising revenues.

By transforming the user's screen saver into a powerful information platform, content providers can ensure that the news and information will reach their audiences whether they visit their web sites or not.

By including ad banners with the content, these organizations can enjoy a new source of revenues. The best part is that impressions can easily be measured because ReadyLive content is hosted on a web server. Therefore, content providers have access to the information advertisers need to make decisions and measure effectiveness of their ad placements. Plus, since screen savers are typically launched several times in a day, the impressions or page views will simply soar.



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